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Meet Alli

Alli is a multi-dimensional healer and integrative coach, who specializes in emotional healing and queer empowerment. She teaches classes and workshops in the DC metropolitan area and online, designed to help participants HEAL so they can transform and embody a new way of being. 

Alli uses a variety of emotional and energetic healing modalities, integrative coaching, and mindset work to help her clients create space for the lives they want. She has worked with clients with anxiety, depression, relationship challenges, and chronic low self-esteem.

The reason why most change doesn't stick is because we often neglect the healing work necessary for long-lasting change. In order to create space for a new way, we have to get rid of the "stuff" holding us back.

Are you ready to heal and step into a new way of being? You can click this link to set up a free discovery call.


All my offerings are LGBTQ friendly

1:1 breathwork and breathwork circles
Energetic healing sessions (sound & usui reiki)
Sound baths for relaxation, sleep, and health
Integrative coaching sessions

You can learn more about my offerings here.

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