Meet Alli

I’ve been on a breathing journey most of my life. It all started with my personal struggles with anxiety, rooting back as long as I can remember. 

In my darkest hour, I turned to meditation, breathwork, and mindset work, desperate to try anything. 


Deep down, I knew this was not the life I wanted.

The day I chose this path was the day everything began to shift. I committed to a daily meditation and breathwork practice, invested in personal growth, and read all books I could get my hands on. 

My life was never the same again.


My mission is to help you use integrative methods such as meditation, breathwork, and tapping, to finally bust your own personal blocks and live the life you deserve.

2020 Usui Reiki 1 & 2 certification - Tiffany Boerner
2020 Sound healing certification - Dante Baker
2018 - Meditation instructor certification
Incorporated a wide variety of modalities including mindfulness meditation, transcendental meditation, meditation in healthcare, breathing techniques for anxiety and stress, and breathwork
2016 Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping) - Lori Leyden 

Training and Certifications