Radical Healers

A 2 month deep dive to heal & manifest your dream life

Do you:

Have big dreams?

Have a strong desire to serve and help others?

Have a nagging feeling that there's more in store for you?

Have a strong feeling that you are living below your potential?

Stuck in one or more areas in your life?

Are you:

Ready for life to be different?

Willing to show up?

Ready to open up to guidance?



There's a better way.

You landed in the right place.


I know what it's like to feel stuck, living with a nagging feeling that life has to be better than this. Over a decade ago, I was crippled with debilitating anxiety and depression. I learned a lot on my quest for the truth.


The reason why most change doesn't stick is because we neglect the healing work necessary for transformational change.​ Once we create the space for a new way through the healing work, change becomes effortless. We begin to step into who we've always been all along.

That's why I created Radical Healers, a two month deep dive into inner healing and transformation, that will empower you to heal and step into your power to create your dreams.

This program will teach you how to:

~ Clear the "gunk" that is holding you back: the outdated limiting beliefs, emotional baggage, childhood wounds, and blocks standing in your way

~ Claim your power, voice, and self-love 

~ Get clear on the life you want and how to create it

~ Master your energy and mindset

~ Embody and create the life you want to be living

How the Program Works

Each month, you will work with a specific theme. Each week, you will work with a module related to the month's theme. Each module is designed to help you go deeper into the month's theme. Accompanying PDF's are provided to help you apply and reflect on your healing and transformation. Optional sessions with me are an opportunity to work through any resistance or challenges you encounter in the program.


Breathwork is a transformational tool used as a healing modality in this program to help you access and release your blocks, outdated beliefs about yourself, and emotional baggage. No experience with breathwork is necessary. 


What you get


~ An 8 module self-study online course valued at $197

~ Monthly breathwork meditation for your personal practice valued at $22

~ Unlimited question/answer support valued at $58

~PDFs related to each module's theme valued at $11

~1:1 private sessions (tiers two and three) valued at $222 per session

~A healing and embodiment resource hub, with guided tools to empower you to heal and embody your dreams, valued at $637 (tier three)

The Curriculum

Month 1: Healing Deep Dive

Guided breathwork for emotional clearing

Module 1: Raising self-awareness, self-compassion, and working with emotions

This module lays the foundation for our future work. In this module, you will observe your patterns and emotions with nonjudgmental awareness and learn how to work with and learn from your emotions.

Module 2: Identifying and healing limiting beliefs

In this module, you will analyze your observations from the previous module, and identify and transform learned limiting beliefs.

Module 3: Inner child healing

Module three is all about healing the past. You will get clear on your childhood challenges, and learn how to heal blocks that come from childhood.

Module 4: Building self-compassion and clearing emotions

In module four, you will learn how to clear uncomfortable emotions with self-compassion and understanding.

Month 2: Embodying your dreams

Guided breathwork for stepping into your power

Module 5: Stepping into your power

Module five is a heavy one! You will dive into establishing boundaries, speaking up for yourself, and honoring your voice. This is a BIG one for self-love.

Module 6: Mastering your energy

In module six, you will get clear on the life you want to create. We will lay the foundation for creating your dreams through setting an intention, mastering your energy, 

Module 7: Mastering your mindset

Module 7 is a juicy one. You will tackle daily mindset work that will help you bring your dreams to reality.

Module 8: Embodying your dreams

In module 8, you will learn techniques to embody your dreams and how to begin living the life you've always wanted.

Membership Options

Tier 1: The Toe Dipper

Self study

What you get:

~The curriculum modules

~Journal Prompts

~Full length breathwork audios

~Question/answer support

~Lifelong access to the curriculum

Investment: $98.50 per month over 2 months. Payment plans beginning at $33 per month 

Note: this option is not recommended for beginners

Tier 2: The Healer

What you get:

~The curriculum modules

~Journal Prompts

~Breathwork audio

~Question/answer support

~1:1 sessions with Alli


Monthly sessions: $148.50 per month

Biweekly sessions: $248.50 per month

Weekly sessions: $448.50 per month


Payment plans starting at $51 per month

Tier 3: The Deep Diver

What you get:

~The curriculum modules

~Journal Prompts

~Breathwork audio

~Question/answer support

~Weekly 1:1 sessions with Alli

~Access to the healing resource hub: a resource library with guided videos, breathwork audio, and other tools to further your healing and transformation

Investment: $749.50 per month


Payment plans starting at $255 per month

Want to sign up or have questions about the program?