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I offer a wide variety of healing modalities to help you connect to your highest true self. 

Breathwork is a groundbreaking tool for transformation and emotional healing. Breathwork is a tool that allows us to reach the deeper emotional level of healing, and finally release emotional pain, stress, and anxiety once and for all.

Breathwork sessions are for you if you have experienced emotional pain, anxiety, depression, and limiting beliefs and would like to release them once and for all.
Exchange: $
111 for a 75 minute session

Sound Healing & Reiki Energy Healing
Sound and energy healing have been used throughout the ages to support energetic healing. When we have energy blocks, we may struggle with illness or chronic pain, low energy and fatigue, or experience emotional pain. I use crystal singing bowls and the cello per request to support your healing.
Exchange: $80 for a 50 minute session

My integrative coaching program
Create space for the life you were meant to live. My structured program will guide you to release your past and create a new future. Highlights include: clearing emotional pain, inner child healing, clearing old stories and limiting beliefs, and implementing actions to support you in creating your life vision.
Exchange: $80 for a 50 minute session

Email me at or follow me on instagram @alliapage to stay up to date with my in person classes and workshops in the DC area, or to book a healing session or corporate wellness package.

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