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Mindfulness for Educators
Educators work in THE most important job on the planet, and these days, have an undeniably difficult work and stress load. Educators are burnt out and overtaxed, often without enough resources or support. They are used to over-giving and under-receiving. Unfortunately, we can't fix the system over night, but we can do what we can at the individual level.

In sessions with educators, I teach you how to support YOU first, and then begin to implement mindfulness techniques into the classroom (if you feel called to do so). 

I offer both private sessions and group sessions, tailored to you and/or your school's needs.

Breathwork is a groundbreaking tool for transformation and emotional healing. Breathwork is a tool that allows us to reach the deeper emotional level of healing, and finally release emotional pain, stress, and anxiety once and for all.

Breathwork sessions are for you if you have experienced emotional pain, anxiety, depression, and limiting beliefs and would like to release them once and for all.
Exchange: $
111 for a 75 minute session

My integrative mentoring program
My structured program is designed to empower you with tools to help you embody a peaceful, centered way of living. The program is an eclectic approach of both healing and embodiment practices. Highlights include: clearing emotional pain, inner child healing, clearing old stories and limiting beliefs, and implementing practices to support you in living an anxiety-free, centered lifestyle.
Exchange: $80 for a 50 minute session

Email me at or follow me on instagram @alliapage to stay up to date with my in person classes and workshops in the DC area, or to book a healing session or corporate wellness package.

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